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Training for teachers.

During our training, we emphasize the interaction and activity of participants. We focus on methods that stimulate curiosity, thanks to which learning becomes pure pleasure. The workshops are full of practical exercises, thanks to which you can easily implement the acquired knowledge into professional practice.


We invite you to a fascinating neuropedagogy training that will combine the latest achievements in neuropsychology with practical pedagogical tools. During this workshop, you will learn to understand how a student's brain works and what his or her specific educational needs are. You will learn about the psychological mechanisms influencing the learning process and gain knowledge about the role of emotions and motivation in learning.

Main topics covered during the training:

  • Basics of neuropsychology: You will learn the structure and functions of the brain and understand what processes occur in the brain during learning.

  • Individual differences in learning: You will learn how individual differences in brain structure influence students' preferred learning styles.

  • Memory and remembering: You will learn techniques and strategies that support effective memorization of educational material.

  • Attention and Concentration: You will learn how to develop students' attention span and how to minimize distractions.

  • Emotions in Learning: Discover how emotions influence the learning process and how to deal with emotional challenges in the classroom.

  • Motivation and self-regulation: You will learn methods of motivating students to actively participate in the learning process and how to support the development of self-regulation skills.

  • Creativity and innovation: You will learn how to stimulate students' creativity and encourage them to search for new solutions.


Wspieranie ucznia z trudnościami w nauce

We believe that every student has the potential to achieve educational success, but some may encounter difficulties along the way. Our "Supporting students with learning difficulties" training will allow you to effectively identify students' specific educational needs and will teach you to adapt your teaching methods to effectively support each student.

Main topics covered during the training:

  • Psychological basis of educational difficulties. 

  • Interpersonal differences: How temperament and cognitive styles influence learning styles.  

  • Intervention methods: You will learn practical techniques and tools that will help you work with students with various difficulties.

  • Emotional support: You will learn how to build a positive relationship with students and support them emotionally in difficult situations.

  • Communication with parents: You will learn to effectively communicate with parents of students with difficulties and cooperate with them in the educational process.


Samoregulacja w pracy nauczyciela

Being a teacher is a beautiful but demanding job. To effectively support students, you also need to take care of your own well-being and emotional self-regulation. Our "Self-regulation in teacher's work" training will help you understand the mechanisms of stress and teach effective techniques for dealing with professional challenges.

Main topics covered during the training:

  • Recognizing your own emotions: You will learn to understand your emotions and reactions in various professional situations.

  • Stress reduction techniques: You will learn various methods of dealing with stress and preventing burnout.

  • Building motivation and commitment: You will learn how to maintain your motivation at work and inspire students.

  • Time management and work organization: You will learn to plan effectively

At Synapso, we will make sure that participation in our training is a real development experience.

You can choose the form of meeting that best suits you - online training, at the headquarters of the educational institution or locally. We organize selected workshops in a friendly school in Gdańsk - we cordially invite you to SZTUKARIUM!

We want our participants to feel completely comfortable, which is why we conduct training in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. This makes the learning process even more inspiring and effective.

To register for training or obtain more information, please contact us at the following e-mail


Join Synapso and start your wonderful journey of getting to know yourself and developing your educational competences!

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