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Co nam nerwy grają?
Neuropsychologia i
dla nauczycieli.

Szkolenie otwarte!

I cordially invite all teachers and educators to a unique training!

During the meeting, you will learn practical, scientific learning and teaching techniques that naturally interact with the nervous system and the biology of learning. 

You will learn:

  1. what research on the nervous system looks like and where to look for information. 

  2. what myths about neurology do we encounter every day in education? 

  3. how the learning process takes place at the biological level and how to use this knowledge in the classroom. 

  4. what is the role of the autonomic nervous system in learning.

  5. how emotions affect learning.

  6. how to remember and understand effectively and how to forget effectively. 

  7. how to attract a student's attention.

  8. about the two-way relationship between the learning process and physiology. 

  9. how learning is changing in the world of digital development.

  10. about the latest methods of supporting learning. 


Saturday 21/10/2023

09.00 - 15.00


Gdańsk Morena

Piecewska 27


PLN 300

In price:

teaching materials

course completion certificate

coffee, tea and refreshments

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