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English lessons for caregivers

Join our courses in October!

​Language classes for caregivers of the elderly is an innovative teaching program that has been designed to provide additional professional development opportunities for people working or planning to work in care. 

Lessons are recorded, so participants have the opportunity to make up for absences and return to the lesson after some time. 

During classes we use attractive methods:

  • Communication in Everyday Context: We teach the language based on situations and conversations from everyday life. Participants practice the language in the context of shopping, cooking, doctor visits and other situations they may encounter while caring for the elderly.

  • Audiovisual materials: We use multimedia such as videos, audio recordings and images to visualize and develop listening, understanding and speaking skills.

  • Language Games and Activities: Word games, puzzles, crosswords and language games make learning fun. Thanks to them, participants practice the language in an interactive and engaging way.

  • Individual Learning Pace:We understand that each person has their own individual learning pace. Therefore, we tailor classes to the skills and needs of participants, ensuring a comfortable learning process.

  • Materials and games for repetition:We enable active repetition between classes using games and activities on the platform.

Classes are held online, on the Microsoft Teams platform. Having an additional account is not required.

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(UK and IR time) 

beginner group (A1)



(UK and IR time)

intermediate group (A2-B1)

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Groups of maximum 6 people. 

Cost: €50/£45 per month. 

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